Shinra Kusakabe Husbando

Shinra Kusakabe
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Shinra Kusakabe
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Date of Birth
October 29th
173.00 cm
67.00 kg
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Shinra Kusakabe is a former Third and Fourth Generation pyrokinetic in the service of Special Fire Force Company 8. After his mother's death, and supposedly his younger brother's as well, Shinra joined the Special Fire Force to achieve his goal of becoming a hero, saving people from Spontaneous Human Combustion, and uncovering the truth behind his family's death twelve years ago. Shinra is a teenager of average height, with a slim muscular build with short and spiky black hair, crimson eyes, and especially sharp teeth. His eyes are also noteworthy as his pupils are white instead of black. When he was introduced, Shinra wore a dark jacket with a button on his collar shaped like a cross-like insignia over a light shirt, dark trousers and a belt. He also wore dark shoes which he burnt through via his Ignition Ability and was noted to have done multiple times. He was later presented with bunker gear, which consists of a dark t-shirt buckled at the waist with a belt, dark offshore trousers that have light patches on the front leg and pelvis area, which are strapped over his shoulders. Those are later topped by a protective outer jacket, trousers, a neck protector, protective gloves and a helmet with the number 8 on it, signifying his brigade. The buttons of his protective jacket are in the shape of cross-like symbols. Shinra's bunker gear trousers were specifically tailored by Maki Oze, so that they only reach below his knees instead of his feet, being advantageous so that he can freely use his Ignition Ability without having to worry about burning through his clothing. Parts of his outfit are coated with blue lines. When not on a mission, Shinra is commonly seen wearing an orange coverall and white t-shirt underneath. His outfits contain patches with "8" on them, signifying his affiliation to Special Fire Force Company 8. Due to his Ignition Ability, he tends to walk barefooted or with sandals as they can easily be disposed of. Shinra's trousers generally are rolled up to just below his knees so he is able to use his ability without burning them. He has also rolled up his sleeves at times. During the three month period that his Adolla doppelgänger took over his body, his hair was dyed white and styled in a combed-back upward flame-style. He got his ears pierced with a pair of small stud earrings. He also got flame symbol tattoos on his ankles and a devil tattoo on his left shoulder. After Shinra came back to his senses, he dyed his hair back to black and returned it to its previous style. He also stopped wearing the earrings. After performing soul resonance with the rest of his family, Shinra becomes the incarnation of the Saviour itself, Shinrabanshō-man. In this form, he possesses several features similar to Hibachi Shinmon's doppelgänger, such as large, demonic horns, flaming circular tattoos over his body, and goat-like legs with the exception of normal humanoid feet. His skin obtains a dark-reddish hue, similar to most demon infernals, as well as gaining his Brother's ashy-white hair. Shinra is brave, Intelligent, confident, and willing to help others. He is very proud of his ambition of wanting to become a hero, a promise he made with his mother when he was five. He doesn't hesitate to act when the time calls for it, and can sometimes be impulsive in combat, but has also displayed the capability to step back and think about the situation before acting Showing that generally he is level headed and intelligent, though according to Hinawa his ignition ability can make him overconfident. Sometimes to his embarrassment, Shinra suffers from nervous laughter, a condition where animals naturally grin or show their teeth when nervous, stressed, angered or uncomfortable. He developed this condition after witnessing his mother die. His grin is sometimes mistaken for a menacing smirk by others, and because people thought Shinra killed his own mother, he gained the moniker of a devil, but fights to be recognized as a hero. Shinra respects Akitaru Ōbi as the Captain of his squad and as someone who fights Infernals without an Ignition Ability. He is shown to have good judgement and prioritizes what is important and what should be done rather than acting with personal emotions. Shinra acts selflessly towards civilians and has very high standards of what the Special Fire Force should represent. He respects his fellow teammates and admires Akitaru for having the courage to fight Infernals without an Ignition Ability. While Shinra works well with his brigade, his relationship with each member individually differs. Despite respecting Akitaru, he finds Lieutenant Takehisa scary, and bickers regularly with Arthur. He respects Maki for her strength and compassion, and Tamaki as a fellow comrade though her clumsiness irritates him. He sees Iris as a friend as well as Hibana though he is unaware of her feelings for him even though he sees her as attractive. Shinra views everyone at his brigade as treasured friends whom he wants to protect. Shinra isn't afraid to act on his own, even if confronted with multiple opponents[7] and even when he had to take on opponents stronger than he is. This habit in turns compels him to rely on quick-thinking instead of mere brute strength or sheer speed, which in turn makes him smarter than his appearance would suggest. He can be very pushy and demanding when it comes to gathering information on both his family's death twelve years ago and the secrets of the phenomenon, showing that he deeply cares about both matters. Due to the incident with his family's death, his promise made to his late mother and childhood aspirations of becoming a hero, he has developed an obsession of bringing his brother, Sho, back, once he learns that he is alive. While he is usually quick to be roused to angry justice when dealing with villains, he usually shows nothing but joy when he sees Sho—even if the latter holds only ill intentions for him and the world in general, disgusted with him and being eager to beat him to a pulp whenever they meet—so much so that he calls the brutal battles between them to be 'play time'. His attachment is so strong that he could easily force an Adolla Link through Sho, even though Sho is aware of and actively resists such a link. He has a habit of adding '-man' to any hero name he thought up for himself, insisting of doing so just to complete the "man" part of the Japanese idiomatic lexeme "shinrabanshō", where both he and his brother are named after—yet another display of the attachment he holds towards his brother. While not exactly perverted, Shinra has shown not to be too embarrassed when he ends up in perverted situations with women, such as many situations with Tamaki's lucky lecher lure that he eventually comes to find irritating and once when he leered at Hibana, when he accidentally looked up her dress surprising her and hoping to see a nude picture of her in the all male fire calendar. He does find the women around him attractive though he does his best to respect them and has yet to realize that Hibana and Tamaki have feelings for him. During the three month period that his Adolla doppelgänger took over his body, Shinra became aggressive and villainous. At best, he was described as undergoing a late teenage rebellion, and at worst, he was described as having become exactly like the mother killing devil that everyone had believed him to be. He also did things that he would never do, such as changing his appearance to a delinquent-like style, something the real Shinra thought to be lame. He even went as far as to strike Sister Iris when he thought she was being annoying.

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