Shion Zwei Shinomiya

Shion Zwei Shinomiya
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Shion Zwei Shinomiya (紫音・ツヴァイ・篠宮), formerly known as Kraken Zwei, is a former antagonist and one of the supporting female characters in the Unlimited Fafnir series. She is a Dragon/D hybrid born between the 'Purple' Kraken and the dragonified Miyako Shinomiya. Although she was closer to being a Dragon than a human, upon being selected by Yuu Mononobe as a mate, she lost most of her Dragon characteristics, reverting into a more human-like appearance and personality. Shion eventually enrolled in Midgard and became part of Brynhildr Class. Shion initially appeared as a young girl with long, silver hair made out of mithril, which would form a cocoon around her body, a lovely face, purple eyes, with the left eye being covered by her hair, and a dragon mark on her forehead. Upon transforming into a human, her hair turned purple, losing the mithril coating. She also started wearing Midgard's standard female uniform after becoming a member of Brynhildr Class. Upon her awakening, Shion displayed the traits of a young child seeking her mother, breaking down in tears upon seeing Jeanne Hortensia, whom she regarded as a mother, run away from her. However, when Jeanne was shot in an attempt to protect her, Shion lost control and regressed into a beastly behavior, destroying everything in her path and marking multiple Ds as mates with the intent to reproduce, essentially adopting a Dragon-like personality. When she underwent transformation due to Yuu's influence, her personality reverted to that of a young child and she started using words to communicate, albeit a bit stiffly.

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