Rinko Shirokane

Rinko Shirokane
Original Name
白金 燐子
Romaji Name
Shirokane Rinko
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
October 17th
157.00 cm
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Shirokane Rinko is a first-year student at Yotsuba Women's University, the former student council president of Hanasakigawa Girls' High School, as well as the last member to join Roselia as their keyboardist. She is very shy, and was initially scared by the idea of performing in a live concert. She is also the band's costume designer and sews their outfits all by herself. Her hobbies are reading and playing online games, the latter through which she met her best friend, Ako, who also calls her "Rin-rin". She studies in the department of fine arts along with Yukina and Kaoru. Rinko has big, slanted violet eyes and long black hair styled loosely after a hime cut (姫, lit. princess cut); her bangs fall across her forehead with straightened sidelocks that reach past her shoulders. Her casual attire is modest with neutral colors and frilly accents. In her initial outfit, Rinko wears a white buttoned blouse with ruffles sleeves and a frilly collar tied with a black ribbon. She also wears a black knee-length skirt, worn tightened around her waist with gold buttons down the middle and accents, a white socks and black high heels with black satin back bow on the ankle strap. Socially awkward, Rinko is a shy and asocial girl who was initially too frightened to speak in front of others, let alone perform before them. She has a tendency to stammer when speaking, and usually keeps quiet until she feels comfortable. As the story goes on, Rinko gradually gains more courage and self-confidence, even overcoming her stage fright and successfully performing in a concert for the first time since her childhood. When she is set on or passionate about something, she does so with conviction, like piano or online games. Rinko also tends to get very excited about her passions, to the point where when she was explaining how Neo Fantasy Online worked to the other Roselia members, she was typing at an alarming speed.

black hair hime cut purple eyes university student
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