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Shiseru is an officer from the Hachō Village. She grew up with Dokku, referring to him as brother. During their youth, she accidentally fell from a cliff roughly fifty metres high onto a tree. This incident left her with several severe scars along her torso and her being incapable to give birth. Dokku's inability to save her from the fall caused him to become a guard for the Tonika Village, but their relationship became distant over the years until they were practically strangers to one another. She appears to be very formal, but also has a serious, and cautious side, seen when she threatens Yamato with her sword before she interrogates him. She seems to become quickly aggressive, seen when she slaps Miina almost in an instant after the latter didn't stop to bother Naruto. However, immediately afterwards, she felt strong regret about slapping Miina. She has also a soft and fond side, caring for the children Dokku rescued, as well for Dokku himself too. As a child, she was very wild and careless, resulting in her falling down a cliff and receiving several scars from it. Shiseru is fairly tall and slender woman of feminine build. She is 32 years old. She is light-skinned with wavy, midback-length, black hair, most of which is combed back with a few strands falling into her face. She keeps her hair open when in casual. She has blue eyes and full lips. She wears a dark blue uniform with gold trimmings, but is also seen wearing casual clothing when at home and when being younger. Her body is covered with large scars she received when she was a kid.

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