Shizuka Hio

Shizuka Hio
Original Name
緋桜 閑
Romaji Name
Hiō Shizuka
Appears In
Vampire Knight
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
171.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 23769
Like # 25194
Trash # 13756

Shizuka Hio was the Pureblood vampire who bit Zero Kiryu. Even for a Pureblood, her fellow vampires felt uneasy around her and referred to her as the "Flowers-blooming-out-of-season princess" or "Kuruizaki-hime." Shizuka is a very beautiful and tall woman (compared to most of the other female characters) with long silver-white hair and eyes that were an unusual shade of pink, similar to the color of cherry blossoms. She is always shown in a pale, white-colored kimono with a thin ribbon around her waist with a bell attached to it (in the anime, Ichiru Kiryu would later use the bell in his hair). She is also noted to always walk around barefoot. It is shown that Shizuka bears a slight resemblance to Maria Kurenai. Shizuka usually appeared as a calm and composed woman, who is always smiling as if amused when taunting or talking to Zero Kiryu. Her gentle movements gave her a striking presence as cherry blossoms often accompany her presence, even if they should be out of season, like when she first met the Kiryu twins. While possessing Maria Kurenai's body, Ichiru Kiryu notes that Shizuka's actions in Maria's body were different than her normal calm and composed demeanor, such as when she playfully toys around with Ichiru's feelings and when she interacts with the Night Class. This shows a bit of Shizuka's playful side, even though Ichiru seemed displeased with it. An example of this was when Shizuka (possessed in Maria's body) kissed Ichiru out of fun, which leads to Ichiru telling her not to do it again.

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