Shizuka Mikazuki

Shizuka Mikazuki
Original Name
三日月 閑
Romaji Name
Mikazuki Shizuka
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
April 12th
Blood Type
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Popularity # 2168
Like # 1930
Trash # 5939

Shizuka Mikazuki is a main character in Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead. She is a former overseas company accountant and a fellow survivor that Akira Tendou first met while searching for supplies. Shizuka is an attractive young woman with mid-neck length dark plum-colored hair that has long bangs hanging on the right side, aubergine-colored eyes and a medium-sized bust. Her beauty causes Akira Tendou to freeze in his tracks when he sees her while staring at her breasts and butt thanks to her skimpy athletic wear. Anyone who sees her notes how exceptionally beautiful she is, and the only reason Kenichirou Ryuuzaki hasn't started flirting with her is because he knows that Akira is interested too. She wears a multi-colored overcoat over a pink and white sports bra with pale gray stripes top and matching color short-shorts, indigo leggings and shoes. Shizuka is a reserved, logical, aloof and blunt young woman who is a fast thinker and she is knowledgeable in various types of science. She is also argumentative and good with analyzing risks where she is used to not like working in groups until she met Akira Tendou. While yes she is aloof, she is easy to blush at complements from Akira.

adult bangs fair skin love interest main character medium breasts purple hair red eyes short hair
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