Shizuka Nanahoshi

Shizuka Nanahoshi
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Nanahoshi Shizuka is one of the people Rudeus saved from being hit by a truck in his previous life. However, in that moment, she was transported to this world some time after Rudeus, resulting in the Teleport Incident. Afterward, she was taken in by Orsted and eventually became a successful entrepreneur whilst searching for a way back to Earth. Her storyline is one of the major plot threads left unresolved by the end of Mushoku Tensei, making it likely she will once again appear in the planned sequel series. Nanahoshi is a Japanese teenage girl with long black hair, described as being above average in appearance. She's more often seen wearing a white mask without any particular characteristics. Due to her desire to go back home and her unattached attitude to the Human World, she tends to like being alone. She's serious when working and enthusiastic when it come to stuff from her old world. Before meeting Rudeus, she spent all her time indoors and didn't like meeting people as she didn't want to grow attached to anyone in the world. Additionally, she maintained low contact to avoid the possibility of contracting unknown pathogens, and uses that to justify her isolation.

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