Shizuru Shirosaki Husbando

Shizuru Shirosaki
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Shirosaki Shizuru
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Shirosaki Shizuru is Kazunari Usa's roommate in the Kawai Complex who is a pervert and masochist as he is turned on by almost anything. However, despite these facts, he is actually quite creative as he is commonly crafting several items meant for entertainment in the Kawai Complex. Shirosaki can be a bit silly at times and a true masochist. He's completely harmless, and actually prefers it when people harm him. Aside from his masochistic tendencies, he's generally pretty friendly and relatively normal. He thinks up different schemes to relieve boredom and to keep (mainly) Mayumi Nishikino happy. In addition, he also has a strict rule about him only being interested in girls 18 or older. some extent. In school, people used to call Shirosaki T-man because he was knocked out by a ball during gym class, and when he woke up, his hands were all over the teacher's boobs. He was also a novelist in the past, most likely sometime after he graduated high-school. Shirosaki has a strict rule about not messing around with girls under the age of 18. Shirosaki was nicknamed T-man when he was going to school. The T stands for "Tit". Shirosaki's eyes has only been seen during Kazunari Usa's school festival. Shirosaki has been living in the Kawai Complex for four years. Shirosaki is a writer but works part time anywhere. Shirosaki's pen name is Shizuru-sensei.

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