Shoko Ieiri

Shoko Ieiri
Original Name
家入 硝子
Romaji Name
Ieiri Shōko
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
November 7th 1989
168.00 cm
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Popularity # 1487
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Shoko Ieiri is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. She is an alumni of Tokyo Jujutsu High, having been classmates with Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto. After graduating into a full fledged jujutsu sorcerer, Shoko became the school's primary doctor. Shoko is a tall woman with long brown hair that extends past her shoulders that she sometimes ties into a ponytail when working. She has soft brown eyes with dark lines under them, making it appear as if she's underslept. Shoko has a mole underneath her right eye and thick brown eyebrows. Shoko normally sports a white lab coat over a blue turtle-neck swear and darker navy blue pants that reach just above her ankle. She finishes her outfit with cream-colored high-heeled shoes. As a student, Shoko had short-length hair that only reached just past her chin. She wore the typical jacket-type jujutsu high uniform. For casual wear during the summer, she wore a long-sleeved shirt, shorts, and sandals. Shoko is a very laid-back and nonchalant person, especially compared to Ijichi high-strung attitude and the overly playful Satoru. As a student alongside Satoru and Suguru, she would let the two fight and simply remove herself from the situation as it escalated. She enjoyed poking fun at them like when she called them both trash for Utahime or when she took Satoru's sunglasses and wore them after he was punished by Yaga. Shoko didn't appear to take any situation very seriously in general back then. Shoko would openly smoke in public despite obviously being a high-schooler. Even after Suguru went rogue, Shoko was able to have a casual conversation with him about what he did. She was totally comfortable asking Suguru about the accusations and even called him childish for sulking because no one understands him. She even called Satoru to come to confront Suguru right in front of him without any fear for her own life. As the school doctor, Shoko appears to take her job seriously but she's very stoic. While Satoru was upset about Yuji's demise, Shoko kept her personal feelings out of the situation and only wanted to perform an autopsy, noting that Satoru was being more emotional than usual. Apparently, Shoko often gets nostalgic about her highschool days and will decide to smoke a cigarette despite quitting the habit. Shoko remains composed out on the field and wasn't concerned about being discovered in Shibuya despite the danger of being a high-value target. She was fine being protected by a few of his cursed corpses but she assured Yaga he didn't need to guard her personally.

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