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Shoto Todoroki
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Near Shizuoka Prefecture
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January 11th
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Shoto Todoroki, also known as Shoto, is a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, where he got in through official recommendations and is training to become a Pro Hero. He is the youngest son of Endeavor, the former No. 2, and current No. 1, Pro Hero. Shoto is a moderately tall and rather muscular young man who is well-built for his age. He has quite long hair, though it doesn't pass his neck, and wears bangs, parted twice as to not obscure his vision. His hair is evenly split between two colors: white on his right side and crimson red on his left, this unusual coloring being due to his Quirk. As another result of this, he also possesses heterochromia iridium, which causes his left eye's iris to appear turquoise, while his right is a brownish dark gray. His eyes, in shape, are quite thin and reserved. Additionally, he has a large burn scar on the left side of his face, which reaches from his hairline to halfway down his cheek. He usually has a serious expression. Despite this, however, several of the girls in his class have claimed that he is handsome and Mina Ashido even goes as far as to say that he's the best-looking guy in Class 1-A. During school hours, he wears the regular male U.A. uniform, replacing the usual brown dress shoe with casual pale cyan and gray lace-up sneakers. In his initial hero costume, he wears a plain off-white shirt with matching pants and boots, with two gold-colored straps going over his shoulders. He has what appears to be a material resembling ice covering his whole left side, even his head, although it is detachable, which he wears as a way of rejecting the fire aspect of his Quirk. His updated hero costume consists of a dark blue jacket with elbow-length sleeves, its collar high and joined in the center by a gray neckpiece, baggy pants of the same color, a metal-plated combat vest and white boots, their soles and a thin line running down the center of each of them a darker pale gray. He also sports a brown utility belt around his waist, with little metal capsules containing medical supplies hanging off the front. Later, in the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc, his costume gains two burgundy wrist guards with metal plating, which help to regulate the temperature of his body after his attacks, and his boots now have a set of straps. Sometime during Spring Break, Shoto further upgrades his costume, which has some visual similarities to his father's second costume. His wrist guards now feature armor-like bracing and are accompanied by plating going from his wrist to his knuckles. His jacket now features a large gray-blue T-shaped stripe going from his waist to his armpits, and his utility belt now holds two large canisters along with his medical supplies. His costume is also a darker shade of blue than his earlier costumes. For Mission: Humarise, Shoto and his internees at the Endeavor Agency are given special advanced stealth costumes by the World Heroes Association for their mission to Otheon. Shoto designs his stealth costume to resemble the third variant with the entire suit being made of a neoprene black jacket and slim black pants that have built in knee-pads, metal plates to regulate his body temperature and longer sleeves. He also sports a black utility belt around his waist with silver ironings, as well as two silver plates on his shoulders, with the letters "WHA" on it. Shoto originally had a cold, aloof personality, which stemmed from his abusive upbringing and complicated family life. Focused and unemotional, Shoto preferred to keep to himself instead of hanging out with other people. After the events of the U.A. Sports Festival, however, Shoto notably became more sociable and kind, even gaining a sense of humor and occasionally smiling, although still retaining some fragments of his previous distant attitude. After the Provisional Hero License Course, he began opening up more to his classmates and has lightened up from his usually serious demeanor. Nonetheless, Shoto is not quite used to socializing yet, coming off as a bit dense when it comes to understanding certain phrases and figures of speech. While usually quiet and reserved, Shoto did initially possess a moderate level of arrogance, which, combined with his solitary tendencies, sometimes made him take the initiative without considering the opinions of others, displaying confidence that he could take on any obstacles with his own strength. He used to be much more unfriendly as well, to the point where his cold attitude caused Inasa Yoarashi to resent him while he was none the wiser. Even in the present, Shoto seems to prefer acting alone, although only for practical purposes since doing so allows him to unleash his full power without having to worry about friendly fire. Calm and composed, yet brutal in combat, Shoto is well-grounded on the ethics of heroism, only wishing to subdue his frozen opponents as opposed to killing them by prolonging the freezing. Shoto had a deep loathing for his fire abilities, which he inherited from Endeavor, as it symbolized his father's wickedness towards him and his mother as well as what he was born to be: a tool to surpass All Might, a fate that he detested. As such, Shoto decided to rely solely on his freezing power and never use the other half of his Quirk in battles (save only for melting his ice), going so far as to cover his left torso and arm with ice in his first Hero Costume to symbolize his rebellion against his father. Shoto often felt bothered by Endeavor's mere presence, and could barely contain his anger while talking to him, especially whenever the Pro Hero brought up the purpose he had intended for his son since before birth. Ironically though, Shoto's animosity towards his father made him more like how Endeavor was, being apathetic and indifferent towards others while obsessively focusing on his own goal of rejecting his father. Upon first meeting him, Inasa noticed that Shoto had the same hate-filled glare that Endeavor had, a result of his hatred driving him while simultaneously holding him back from his full potential. During his match with Izuku Midoriya in the U.A. Sports Festival, Izuku's speech made the memory of his mother's supportive words resurface, and for the first time since his childhood, Shoto used his firepower in combat. After the battle, Shoto had mixed feelings about using his left side, but after reconciling with his mother, Shoto eventually came to terms with the half he once hated and became willing to train it further, now realizing that it is his Quirk and not his father's. Despite being scarred by her when he was a young child, Shoto shows no hate or disliking towards his mother, visiting her often ever since the end of the Sports Festival. Shoto draws his heroic values from All Might, a trait he shares with Izuku and Katsuki Bakugo, having fond memories of watching the Symbol of Peace on television together with Rei. Despite his difficult past, Shoto doesn't allow his hatred of Endeavor to completely cloud his judgement and still acknowledges him for his skills and capabilities as one of Japan's top Heroes. He chose to intern at his father's agency during the Hero Agency Internships and later the Hero Work-Studies program, although he made it clear that this was purely for his own benefit and learning experience rather than any desire to spend time with him. Shoto is quite reflective over his own growth, realizing how much Izuku's words had changed his perspective and how better he became because of it. Due to this, Shoto was not against his father deciding that he would try and make amends with his family and become a better person, knowing from experience that a single thing can change a person if they allow it to. However, Shoto's grudge towards Endeavor has not yet disappeared, even if he respects his father's ability as a Hero, self-admitting that such resentment can't vanish so easily and that he was wrong in trying to bury it. Having been denied a normal childhood so that his father could train him to realize his own selfish ambitions, Shoto still holds various psychological scars, which tend to reemerge when others compare him to Endeavor. Because of this and Izuku's influence, Shoto now strives to become a Hero, but without walking the same path his father did. Shoto remains relatively cold towards Endeavor and has made it clear that forgiveness for his past treatment of him and his mother is difficult, but has demonstrated worry pertaining to his father's safety. Ever since Endeavor tried to repair his relationship with his family, Shoto has taken a cautious, yet hopeful approach to this development.[5] Unlike his brother Natsuo, Shoto does not seem against the possibility of forgiving his father, although he has made it clear to Endeavor that he must earn it. While ruminating over the matter, Izuku states his belief that Shoto is preparing to forgive his father and is waiting for the right time to do so.

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