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Shuichi Iguchi
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Shuichi Iguchi, also known as Spinner, is a recurring villain affiliated with the League of Villains, was part of the Vanguard Action Squad, and later became one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front. He and the rest of his team serve as the main antagonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc, Paranormal Liberation War Arc, and Final War Arc. Shuichi is a young man with a reptile-like appearance, with bright green scales for skin and a face shaped like that of a lizard. His hair is relatively long and swept backward and is a desaturated pinkish purple in color, standing out from the rest of his colors. In reflection of his great admiration towards Stain, Spinner wears clothes similar to his: a sleeveless shirt and dark, baggy pants, along with black shoes and pale, metallic knee guards. He wears a mask made of a long, tattered strip of cloth, the same as the one worn by Stain, a red scarf and bandages wrapped around both his arms, partially covered by black wristbands and plain black boots. He wears goggles on his forehead, and also carried an enormous sword on his back that was made out of many smaller blades bound together, until it was destroyed. During the Final War, after receiving the Body Bulk Quirk from All For One, Spinner becomes several stories tall, with an incredibly buff physique, also acting and appearing much more animalistic. He also gains a larger version of his old sword made out of many swords bound together. Outside his villain costume he wears a light blue hoodie and a black leather jacket with it. Shuichi has very little respect for Heroes, purposely treading on Pixie-Bob's face, grinning as she lied on the ground beneath his foot, unconscious and bleeding as a result of the joint attack between him and Magne, believing Heroes to be corrupt. Much like Dabi, Shuichi admires Stain greatly, but differently. In contrast, Dabi loosely follows Stain's ideals, while Spinner is wholly obsessed with Stain's methods to the point where he copies his clothing and weaponry style, aiming to follow the same ideals as him and make his dreams come true. As a result of this, he is much more morally inclined than the rest of the League of Villains, shown when he attacked Magne to protect Izuku Midoriya (whom Stain had labeled as someone worthy of being called a hero) despite his villainy, and questions whether or not the League's actions truly follow his idol's ideals. Due to the discrimination he's faced all his life because of his Mutant Quirk, Spinner is surprised whenever his appearance gets a compliment. Despite being a villain, Spinner displayed a sense of morality and was shocked upon learning of Tomura Shigaraki's true goal of eradicating society rather than reshaping it to improve it. His dedication to Stain's ideology also has him question some of the League's actions, such as attacking a police convoy to exact revenge on Overhaul. It is revealed, however, that Stain's will has inspired Spinner when he felt hollow and had no purpose, having lived his life as a recluse due to discrimination from his Mutant Quirk. While fighting Trumpet's forces, Spinner acknowledges that he is weak and follows Tomura's cause as a "bandwagoner" but resolves that he has no issue with either of those things and is willing to aid the League of Villains in their goals no matter what. Following the events in Deika City, Spinner's priorities pivot from blindly following Stain's will to his new loyalty towards Tomura Shigaraki. Spinner also demonstrates a strong camaraderie towards the League, genuinely considering them friends, even to the point of bonding with Tomura over video games. During the Paranormal Liberation War, he told Himiko Toga to come back to them safely when she was leaving to confront Ochaco Uraraka, and also aided Tomura when the latter was unconscious and gave him his signature hand mask as a way to help wake him up, to help him achieve his dream. However, once All For One began to take command of the Paranormal Liberation Front and Tomura himself, Spinner once again began to question his actions in the League, intending to follow Tomura and not All For One, despite the latter's claims to support his feelings. Spinner's loyalty to Tomura kept him at his side, guarding his body as he recovered and showing his worry during his transformative process to become "something more". While it may not have been his intention, following the war's aftermath, Spinner would become an icon for other heteromorphs who felt oppressed by society, similar to his idol and motivation, Stain. Becoming a symbol resulted in him developing further pressure and insecurity toward himself, feeling like his actions have exceeded his ideals and not feeling worthy of his role, resigning to do everything for "Tomura's sake". It even reached the point that he willingly allowed himself to receive more power from All For One to fight in the Final War due to feeling so far behind his fellow members in the League. By the time he became the leader of the heteromorph movement, his words would spur on over 15,000 people consisting of villains and primarily average civilians. However, Spinner's increasingly deteriorating mental state due to having multiple Quirks in his body made him unstable and unable to lead the crowd correctly, who were eventually swayed away against him upon witnessing the needless destruction he caused. While Spinner temporarily felt joy that he had finally become "someone" with so many people following behind him, once they were all gone, he returned to his original resolve: to do anything to help Tomura.

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