Shun Uruma Husbando

Shun Uruma
Original Name
Romaji Name
Uruma Shun
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
November 8th
172.00 cm
67.00 kg
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Shun Uruma is the protagonist of the Juujika no Rokunin manga series. Uruma is a kind-hearted middle schooler whose parents were killed and his younger brother hospitalized by childhood bullies when he was 12 years old. He is determined to make the five bullies suffer by using the training he received from his ex-military soldier grandfather. Uruma is a young man of average stature with a slender yet muscular build, spiky black hair, and dark red eyes which seem to become darker voids whenever he's annoyed or feeling animosity toward someone. He is said to be quite handsome by other characters in the series. Five years after his confrontation with Kyou and his incarceration, Uruma has remained relatively the same with only a few exceptions, he has grown slightly taller and his hair has been cut shorter. He also appears to have developed a more fit physique As a child, Uruma was a kind and timid boy who loved animals and showed a genuine care and respect for life. Unfortunately, this made him a target for bullying; in particular, his own personal bullies took an interest in him and wanted to test how far they could push and corner him before he committed suicide. Despite all of this, he never gave in, showcasing an incredibly strong will. However, after the orchestrated deaths of his parents and the hospitalization of his brother, Uruma was finally driven over the edge and consumed by grief and rage; four years after training under his grandfather with the intention on killing all five of his bullies, Uruma has become withdrawn and anti-social but is quite shy when it comes to girls. Although thirsting to exact his revenge on them, Uruma was initially open to the idea of sparing the five bullies if any of them had change for the better, however he soon abandons this notion of mercy after coming to the realization they'll never show remorse for their actions and were totally irredeemable. When acting out his revenge, Uruma is calm and collected, never showing his emotions even when taunted about his family's fate. He shows absolutely no hesitation when torturing his bullies, even when they plead and beg. Regardless, he isn't the type to involve innocent people unless they get in his way, showcasing this by telling Azuma Chizuru that he'd kill her if she didn't keep quiet about the grotesque murder of Senkouji Katsumi. However, he still shows empathy and kindness (even vomiting after seeing what happened to Kaname Shirakawa). Not surprisingly, Uruma has a far more wrathful side to him, as shown during his beating at the clutches of Kuga's hands in Chapter 56. Upon giving up hope, his desire to kill Kyou Shigoku]] has enabled him to not only jump away from Kuga before cutting the ropes off him, but also immediately attack Kuga before the bigger man could anticipate his moves as Uruma uses a brick to smash the bigger monster's face and even continued long after he'd finally died, showing that his anger and hatred for them after all they'd put him through runs much deeper than initially shown. After belligerently killing Kuga after getting beaten to near death and nearly raped, Uruma was close to a mental breakdown stemming from an obsessive drive to finish his mission and kill Kyou Shigoku. After being discovered over Kuga's corpse by Anzai Zenichi, Uruma proceeds to lift and strangle him to death, terrified of the idea of being arrested before he had the chance to kill Shigoku, breaking his vow to kill innocent people. However, this also shows that Uruma is perfectly willing to face the repercussions but only after he finishes off Shigoku, as the latter has proven to be far too dangerous to let live. After Kuga's death, Uruma has grown increasingly distant due to the guilt for Anna's death as well as killing Anzai Zenichi. He tries to cut off all connections with his friends so that they will not have to be collateral damage. He also begins to embrace the idea of having to become as evil as Kyou in order to kill him. However, deep down, it's shown that he is still mortally terrified of Kyou after the latter confronted him for the first time in four years. Despite this, he still vows to kill him no matter what. After the events of his confrontation with Kyou, Uruma became complete withdrawn and despondent, even more so blaming himself for the loss of both his brother and grandfather, the only known close family members he had left. He did nothing to defend himself during the prosecution and accepted his incarceration without a word. Despite this, his desire for vengeance against Kyou only grew, and he desired to become much stronger no matter the cost. Five years later, he appears to have suffered amnesia under some unknown circumstances. Taking on a job as a professional hitman, Uruma displays an efficient and cool-headed demeanor when performing his job. Similar to how he dealt with his bullies, he is not swayed by emotions and is completely ruthless when dealing with individuals who perform depraved and heinous acts. He also is shown to rarely talk save for moments when dealing with his victims, counting down the time until they are to be killed

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