Shushu Suruga

Shushu Suruga
Original Name
駿河 朱々
Romaji Name
Shushu Suruga
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
November 13th
Blood Type
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Popularity # 10281
Like # 9252
Trash # 19936

Shushu Suruga is a member of the Anti-Demon Corps' 7th Unit. Shushu is a well-endowed young woman with short yellow hair with greenish tint and matching green eyes. She is oftenrelativesing a ribbon tied atop her hair in a manner where they stand up like bunny ears. As a member of the 7th Unit, she is often seen wearing the Anti-Demon Corps' uniform, which consists of a sleeveless navy military tunic, long gloves that reach up past her elbow, a red belt, shorts, high-heel boots that reach her thighs. Unlike a majority of her squad, Shushu is a cheerful and nonchalant girl, often displaying both a cheerful and nonchalant mindset almost all of the time. Unlike Himari, who hated Yuuki at first, she developed an interest in him because she was enrolled in an all-girls school and hasn't had much interaction with another boy her age before. Having lived a mundane life, Shushu craved excitement, choosing to join the Anti-Demon Corp solely for stimuli. Despite her rather carefree attitude, Shushu is rather bashful towards her own emotion towards Yuuki, opting to tease him in a roundabout manner than directly telling him. In addition, she is also highly protective to the young man. Shushu is also rather innocent, wanting to see a man's naked form out of curiosity.

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