Shuu Iura Husbando

Shuu Iura
Original Name
井浦 秀
Romaji Name
Iura Shū
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
February 7th
172.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 10326
Like # 9588
Trash # 13952

Syu Iura is a friend of Izumi Miyamura, also attending Katagiri Senior High School. He is enrolled in Class 3-2. He has green hair and green eyes, almost identical to his hair. He often wears a sweatshirt and purple headphones. Syu is loud and outgoing. He's best friends with Ishikawa. He likes to play pranks on people and tends to be the one starting the games or activities done by the group. Everyone in the group finds Syu to be annoying. He's like the human form of a green ball of energy. Seemingly destined never to have a girlfriend, Syu spends much time bemoaning this fact. However, Syu doesn't set his sights on any particular girl, so nothing usually comes of this. It is mentioned that if Syu would just be quiet sometimes, there would probably be many more girls interested in him. But as Syu says, "If you take away my energeticness, what would be left..." prompting the rest of the group to question if his very existence is being energetic and annoying. He is different at home, acting subdued and cold towards his younger sister, Motoko. However, despite this cold attitude, he still loves his sister very much and tries to help in whatever way he can.

hyperactive bangs fair skin green eyes green hair high school student loud outgoing student japanese short hair prankster
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