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Sigurd (romanized as Siglud in Fire Emblem Museum and as Sigld in the Super Tactics Book) is the protagonist of the first generation of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. He is the first Lord in the Fire Emblem series to be mounted on a horse and possess the ability to wield Lances. Noble and compassionate, Sigurd is a knight of the highest nobility and chivalry. Loyal to his country, subordinates, and friends, Sigurd will risk his life for them without a second thought for his own safety, no matter how much the odds are against him, and is willing to fight alone if it seems to the best way to protect them. Possessing an exceptional strength that few can actually match, Sigurd is the embodiment of fearlessness and can move forward despite any form of tragedy he had suffered in the name of justice, inspiring anyone close to him as well to do the same with his sheer noble spirit. While Sigurd fundamentally means well and legitimately wishes to help people in suffering, he is also reckless, short-sighted, and naïve, holding a black-and-white view of the world like his son Seliph and his nephew Leif. He leaps into battle without first thinking it over and does not easily see or think through the full breadth of the consequences of his actions. An example of this, as pointed out by Lewyn, was how Sigurd had failed to realize that his invasion of Agustria endangered its innocent citizens. He is a warrior and a knight first and foremost, so therefore his first response to a crisis is to usually retaliate with military force by leading his soldiers to battle, even in cases where it would not be advisable. This instinct costed him Eldigan's life, as he refused to stand down from continuing his campaign. He also befriends and is overly trusting to the people who manipulate his actions, with the biggest example being Arvis; in fact, Sigurd is completely unaware of Arvis's true intentions, and his eventual betrayal finally drives the normally calm and collected knight into despair after seeing Deirdre as his former friend's wife. In spite of this rash behavior, he does truly care for innocent people of any nation, especially children, seeing them as uninvolved in any of their opponents’ actions. This is shown when he refused to kill Shannan, who was the young prince of Isaach, despite the deed being normal for the times he lives in, as all male royalty of an enemy nation needed to be killed. Like his father Byron, he was similarly messy and lazy in his life at home in Chalphy, with Ethlyn considering him sloppy for how often she had to clean after him and their father prior to marrying Quan. Due to his honorable ways, Sigurd is well-loved by the vast majority of his subjects and inhabitants of Jugdral after his death, as Oifey remembers him as a "kindhearted man". At first, however, the populace regarded Sigurd as the source of all their problems due to unintentionally conquering much of the continent, though this view faded once the Grannvale Empire was corrupted by Julius. Sigurd is stated to be more approachable than Arvis since he is less of a more “perfect” human, and also more naïve than his son Seliph. Unlike Seliph and Leif, however, Sigurd did not learn from his mistakes due to his short-slightness and his warrior ideals, which were the leading factors for his death at the hands of Arvis. In his appearance in Heroes, however, Sigurd seems to acknowledge his faults and the massive consequences made from his knightly beliefs, as he was technically responsible for most of the events of Genealogy of the Holy War due to unknowingly invading Verdane just so he can rescue Edain, though this action was considered an act of invasion by most of Jugdral. This started his unknowing conquest of majority of the continent, which set off the chain of events that allowed the nobles of Grannvale to take advantage of him, and ultimately lead to his demise. He also wishes to teach Seliph what he had learned after his death so that his son would become a great king and not make the same mistakes as he once did, fearing that Seliph would do just that one day.

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