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Silvia is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. She is a traveling dancer who follows Lewyn and aids the war-suffering civilians. If she is paired up, her children will be Lene and Coirpre. Silvia has a cheerful, headstrong, and friendly personality. For someone of her age, she is very flirtatious, as seen in her first conversation with Sigurd, in which she indignantly points out the size of her breasts. This can also be observed in her first conversation with Alec. Despite this, she seems to be rather insecure in matters relating to romance, particularly if she is paired up with Lewyn. In this case, she is shown to question his feelings for her in Chapter 5. Despite her flirty and merry personality, she matures through the events of the war. As a child, Silvia was orphaned and adopted by a cruel man, who raised her to become a dancer. It is stated that her adoptive father often hit her, even when she did not do anything wrong. She eventually fled from him and met Lewyn, whom she developed a crush on. Claud mentions that Silvia reminds him of his younger sister, who disappeared at a very young age. Alongside the fact that she possesses minor Bragi blood, this has led some to believe that the two of them are siblings. Two notable books published after the game's release suggest that they are cousins instead. In the manga adaptation by Mitsuki Oosawa, Silvia's relationship with Lewyn is expanded on. It is revealed that during her first years as a dancer, the general populace shunned her because of her unknown origins, despite her great beauty and talent. However, Lewyn treated her with kindness and took her in as his traveling companion. Erinys expresses some envy towards Silvia's free-spirited dancer lifestyle, and to her immense surprise, Silvia bitterly refutes this view and reveals her miserable past before running away in tears. After the fateful Battle of Belhalla, Silvia leaves her two children, Lene and Coirpre, in an orphanage located in Darna. Her fate thereafter is not revealed and it is not made clear as to whether or not she manages to live into the time of Seliph's tale.

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