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Sion is the Sage responsible for the summoning of Yogiri's class to another world and one of the main antagonists of Volume 4 in the Instant Death series. She herself was formerly summoned into the new world and became a sage at the end of her adventure, but due to her immense magical power her common sense has lapsed somewhat since. After learning about Yogiri Takatou's existence and ability, she decided to challenge it despite her knowledge due to her ideology. Her real name is Shion Ryuuouin, and she is originally from Japan. Sion is a spoiled woman that always had everything she needed due to being the strongest sage out there, always leveling up without the need to do anything. She is under the impression that she can always manage summoned beings, because she can’t even imagine there being something like them winning by themselves. Furthermore, she usually treats weak people like tools or even trash, and as such, she thinks that there is no one out there who can stand against her, always being confident about herself and her "unlimited power". Despite this, it seems that she had a weak spot for her friend and Sage assistant, Yuichi, who she truly values and seemingly has a romantic interest in, as when her view on reality that she is invincible crumbles her only regret is not being with Yuichi. Sion can be evil in the fact that she killed the bus driver and teacher when they tried to get a grasp on the situation and try reasoning with her; she instead rudely entered the bus, killing them both simply because they interrupted her. According to Sion herself, she has a very methodical personality, and likes to keep things neat and tidy, with no room for leftovers.

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