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The younger sister of Belldandy, Skuld is a feisty genius. She is very protective of her older sister, to the point of yelling and fighting towards any person who comes near her. She is also an inventor of many magical gadgets, though many of them do not work as intended and cause chaos to those around her. Her official age is unknown as she does not age like a normal human, but her appearance is that of a preteen girl. Something she detests as she wants to be treated like an adult; so much so that she experiments with ways to change her appearance. Due to an accident, she gets her wish and spends a short time as a fully grown adult, complete with all the hormonal responses and adult responsibilities she is not used to dealing with. For most of the series however, she acts just as she looks, just like a child. She loves ice cream, makes friends with human children and often fights with her half sister Urd. With her advanced magical abilities, she gave sentient life to two inanimate objects named Banpei and Sigel.

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