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Soleil is a playable child character in Fire Emblem Fates and the daughter of Laslow. Generally exuding a cheerful and energetic personality, Soleil is an optimistic young girl with a penchant for flirting with cute girls. Unlike her father, Soleil is shown to be very popular with girls and is successful most of the time. Also, unlike the rest of her family, she has no issue with people looking at her and in fact tends to be immensely shameless, as she does not mind changing clothes with other people (even of the opposite sex) watching. However, Soleil seems to have problems when it comes to respecting personal space, resulting in her chasing Ophelia halfway across camp in her support with her, and reacting in an inappropriate manner when Ophelia casts a spell so the two exchange bodies. Although good intentioned, sometimes Soleil comes off a bit strong and ends up having to make amends for it later. Still, she isn't completely without embarrassment; in some of her other supports she tries to practice singing and dancing in secret, and gets vexed whenever she's caught doing so. Also, her supports with male Corrin have him try to help her to not sweat or faint around girls, as she thinks that it's getting in her way of being a warrior, by practicing blindfolded and pretending that he's a girl. Laslow states that Soleil has "good taste" in both men and women. Her roster also stating the fact. In the English localized version of the game, Soleil's support conversations and personality suggest that she prefers females instead. In most of her supports with the other male second-gen, if they reach an S rank support, they simply become better friends rather than marrying. The only exceptions to this are Forrest and the male Corrin. In the Japanese original version however, while Soleil still has a weakness towards some females, it is much more ambiguous which one she prefers, and her S rank supports have her normally marry the other male children. Despite coming from a talented family, Soleil did not inherit talent for the arts, with Dwyer misinterpreting her dancing as a demon-summoning ritual, Mitama being vexed by Soleil’s poetry, and as seen in her supports with Shigure and the roster, her being the worst singer in the army. Contrary to her grandmother having the best voice in the army, and her father being able to sing (as is revealed in his support with Camilla). She is however, shown to have some ability when it comes to making sweets, as shown in her supports with Asugi. Nevertheless, she adores her father and loves being protected by him. Growing up alone in the Deeprealms caused Soleil to become very protective of Laslow, stating that she always was unsure when he would be seen again, and that she didn’t want to lose him. She thinks that her mother is very cute, and is seen showering her mother with compliments in their support. Unfortunately, this makes her a mild annoyance to her mother, as she tries to work through the excessively complimenting ways of her daughter.

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