Soma Peries

Soma Peries
Original Name
Romaji Name
Sōma Pīrisu
Place of Origin
Human Reform League
Date of Birth
May 21st 2289
166.00 cm
43.00 kg
Blood Type
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Soma Peries is a fictional character from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Soma is a genetically engineered super soldier; she's a product of the HRL's Super Soldier Program in their space colony. She was originally Marie Parfacy, a kind little girl that was a friend of Allelujah Haptism during their childhood, but later was implanted with a new persona. She became a living weapon to the Human Reform League and later to the A-Laws until she regained her former self and switched allegiances to Celestial Being. In Season 1, she piloted MSJ-06II-SP Tieren Taozi and later the GNX-603T GN-X. By Season 2, she piloted a customized Ahead, the GNX-704T/SP Ahead Smultron. After she remembered her past, she joined Celestial Being and became the pilot of GNR-101A GN Archer to support Allelujah Haptism. In Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: A wakening of the Trailblazer, she's the co-pilot of Allelujah in GN-011 Gundam Harute. Just like Allelujah Haptism, Soma was actually composed of two personalities as a result of quantum brainwaves research & development. Born as a designer baby, HRL scientists named her original persona as Marie Parfacy; HRL scientists later implanted the Soma Peries personality to make her into a perfect soldier to aid in their struggle against Celestial Being (CB). As Soma Peries, she had a professional soldier mentality, but still sympathetic for people like everyone else. The Soma persona is an astute soldier: highly intelligent, loyal, emotional, fearless in battle, and a dreamer. However, she fears being alone and wants to be loved. She wanted to experience happiness and to live life as a normal human, but the duties of a soldier always reminded her to maintain the self-reality of being a super soldier and living weapon to command. It's because of her conflicted feelings that made her confused, angry, and sad. While Marie is a spiritual person, Soma only believes in her own abilities. Her original persona, Marie Parfacy is nothing like Soma. While all her mental capabilities are still intact, Marie is a gentle-loving person with a great sense of optimism for life. Marie is a spiritual person as well, though ironically a product of genetic engineering, she also believes in God. She's not violent nor as easily upset as the Soma persona. When Marie's memories returned, the Soma persona didn't contest against Marie for control. Both personalities coexisted and Soma was okay with Marie leaving the ESF and taking allegiance to Allelujah Haptism and Celestial Being. The two personalities existed side by side with very little conflict, until Sergei Smirnov died during the events of the Break Pillar Incident. The violent death of the man who had been her commander, teacher, mentor, and even family overwhelmed both personalities. Grief drove Marie to hide in the depths of her psyche, while Soma processed her pain by vowing vengeance against her father's killer, Andrei Smirnov. Although Allelujah promised Sergei Smirnov that she'll never see combat again, her desire to fight caused the two to be at odds with each other. Soma broke all agreements and expressed her grief and anger in the battlefield, making her difficult to control in combat. After making peace with Andrei, Marie's personality returned and has remained dominate ever-since. The Soma persona only resurfaces for combat as Marie doesn't have the stomach for war.

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