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Sōmei lives by the code of the bushido, the way of the samurai, and incorporates it in his mannerisms. He is extremely honorable and is not above praising his opponents who show true mettle and skill. Conversely, he seems to have a low tolerance for Momo's childish moments. Somei was often considered a little eccentric with his samurai voracity and persona and was noted as unusual by senior members of Elite Ten. Sōmei's family used to run a small time Sushi restaurant that was busy everyday and had many regulars. Sōmei's mother raised him by herself and worked as the head of the restaurant. At a young age, Sōmei was able to enroll into the middle school division of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy as part of the 90th Generation. He studied diligently so that he could one day help his mother with their restaurant. At the age of 15, after his mother fell ill, he decided to take over as the head of the restaurant. As the head chef and for being so young, he was looked down upon by many Sushi Chefs, the association and the seafood vendors. Using his skills in Sushi, he cut down all those who looked down on him.

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