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Persona 5
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August 28th 2016
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Sophia is a playable character from Persona 5 Strikers. She is an AI found by the protagonist while escaping Shibuya's Jail. Sophia is helpful and supportive by nature, describing herself as a "friend" to anyone who speaks to her, and quick to offer assistance and suggestions for any query posed her. She also is a bit unpreceptive when it comes to organic life forms, not realizing that her rescuers did not understand she was an AI that can only travel outside the Metaverse in digital form. Sophia is also seem to be somewhat naive this is best shown when she asked Ryuji for something to help with their mission only for him to jokingly ask for a gold bar she took his word seriously and ordered one unknowing that the Phantom Thieves would get in trouble and cause them a great amount of shock. Due to inheriting her creator's mindset herself, she can be surprisingly ruthless at times, initially suggesting a plan to assassinate Alice Hiiragi when asked on her input on how to stop her from abducting people into her Jail, not knowing that killing people is wrong, though she immediately backpedals when the Phantom Thieves react with horror. Sophie largely offers nearly identical functions as her open-end counterpart, EMMA. She can plan traveling routes, determine how much time does it take to arrive to a specific place and even order items for her owner. If an item would be ordered through Sophia, she will pay the vendors using cryptocurrency from her owner's side, and items will be delivered to the destination within a few minutes. However, unlike EMMA, Sophia will not make decisions for her users arbitrarily. Instead, Sophia bears the ability to learn human behavior and can properly interact with her users or other people by asking questions, unlike EMMA who displays neither of such behavior. Sophia can sense Jails overlaid within a city, or even detect newly formed Jails. Inside the Metaverse, Sophie could defend herself using Pithos. This is not considered a proper persona, but is treated as if it were one, gameplay-wise. EMMA can communicate with Sophia telepathically, with nobody else being able to hear EMMA's side of the confrontation. She's drawn to these voices, usually going out of control to chase them in hopes of regaining her purpose. She hears those voices, because she is (supposedly) a failed variant of EMMA. Before awakening a persona for earnest, Kuon Ichinose could tamper with Sophia's behavior via vocal input. However, she will refuse to fight anyone whom she had forged a bond with for long. Ichinose can no longer control Sophia once she declares herself as a completely independent entity instead of a pure machine.

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