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Sora, a dryad from the Spirit Tribe, was given the job of protecting the forest and safeguarding the Shield Of Truth. She gave the shield to Rein and others after they told her it was needed to defeat the demon lord. Noticing that she is sad, Rein asks her to tell the reason. Sora told Rein and others that his younger twin sister was captured by Shadow Knight as an offering to protect their village. Rein helped her and her sister by defeating Shadow Knight. Then, Sora and Luna decided to join his party, making them his third and fourth contractual. Sora is a spirit of short height. Though her actual age is over 200 years old, she's likely to mistake him for a child. Despite his appearance, he has a dignified expression, and although she is contradictory, she looks somewhat mature. Her flaxen hair was tied up in floral ornaments. As a spirit, on her back, a pair of glowing light feathers that Sora can easily camouflage from the humans after she joins Rein's party. When she first showed up, Sora was extremely hostile to humans because of Sprit's harsh history with humanity. Though she is loathful to them, she is not ruthless, for instance, she politely asks Rein and the others to leave. Due to her loyalty towards Rein, Sora holds disgust over other men who unconditionally like to stand out, such as she despised Edgar Firmware who wanted her and her younger sister to be his "playthings".

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