Sora Harewataru

Sora Harewataru
Original Name
Romaji Name
Sora Harewatāru
Place of Origin
Sky Land
Date of Birth
September 20th
Blood Type
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Popularity # 30533
Like # 27666
Trash # 41237

Sora has blue hair with a small curved ahoge and is tied into a side ponytail on the right by a yellow ribbon, and has blue eyes. Her bangs are longer on the left side of her face. She wears a loose-fitting long-sleeved shirt that is pale blue on top and cerulean at the bottom along with a navy blue skirt. She also has long dark blue socks with two white stripes on top and light beige sneakers. In the summer, she wears a sky blue t-shirt with white sleeves and a cerulean pleated pair of shorts. She also wears the same shoes but with baggy white socks. In the winter, she wears a pale blue sweater with a wide collar along with short blue overalls with two brass buttons and a black belt. She also wears navy blue tights with her usual shoes. She sometimes wears a light blue coat over it. As a child, she had shorter hair and wore a loose teal blue-collared dress with some triangular patterns, and grey shoes. Back in Sky Land, she wore a similar teal blouse and also grey tabi shoes, but with an extra pair of grey pants, and the blouse had an extra white trimmed collar and extra black waistline. She also did not have any hair accessories other than her side ponytail. As Cure Sky, her hair lengthens into long pigtails and turns sky blue with a light pink ombre at the bottom. There is also a thin pink streak in the middle of her bangs. On top of her head are a pair of big white wing-like clips with gold lining and two small blue bows with pink hearts at the bottom along with a gold crescent-shaped with dark blue sphere earring in the right and a gold ear stud in the left. Her dress's bodice is white on top with a thick gold string and dark blue at the bottom with gold lining and two white dots. It also has a gold brooch with a pair of light blue wings with a dark blue sphere and gold four pointed star design and white little necktie with blue trim at the bottom. On her left shoulder is a gold cape holder and a long blue cape that is red in the front with golden fringe lining the bottom. The skirt is cerulean with blue stripes surrounding it and white and pink ruffles lining it along with a pair of pink bows on each side. She also wears puffy white and baby blue sleeves with pink trims on her upper arms and white finger-less gloves with a pink heart and pink lining in the back and yellow wristbands. Her shoes are blue with golden spiky toes and soles and pink ruffles on top with long white thigh-like socks with blue chevron markings on top. She also wears a pair of blue shorts under her skirt. Sora is very athletic, and is always doing her very best no matter what obstacle comes at her. Sora has trained hard everyday to become a hero like the person of her dreams who saved her when she was a child. Sora also has a soft side to her, being very polite towards others, and is also kind towards children. Living to her own standards of heroism, her good-mindedness tends to turn into recklessness as she can fail to see the bigger picture. She even beats herself up on her failures, often calling herself "naive". She is also very truthful, and reveals too much information about herself. Sora can also be protective to a fault, but is capable of understanding when she has gone too far with her assumptions.

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