Sora Himekawa

Sora Himekawa
Original Name
姫川 そら
Romaji Name
Himekawa Sora
Place of Origin
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Popularity # 36790
Like # 35462
Trash # 37011

Sora Himekawa is the president of Handicrafts Club and the witch of Romance of Nancy's set. Sora is a girl of average height, with long flowing coral pink hair reaching the lower end of her back. She has a slender frame with a less noticeable bust. Her uniform consists of a white collar shirt with a dark bow, and a plaid skirt with stripes. She wears a white vest over her collar shirt, black socks and white leather shoes. Sora has been shown to have a calm demeanor, even when Ryu Yamada knocked down her club room's door. She has also been shown to give respect for others, including Ryu, whom is considered unqualified for his position in the Student Council by the student council. She is also very caring for others, even to the extent of being somewhat oblivious to her own injuries. When opening up to people, Sora has a very cheerful and emotional personality, often spontaneously expressing joy and hugging people, though she is also prone to being sad and shedding tears due to over-thinking the actions of others. However, she is very rarely angry with others.

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