Sorahiko Torino Husbando

Sorahiko Torino
Place of Origin
Yamanashi Prefecture
Date of Birth
January 28th
120.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 8245
Like # 9024
Trash # 5020

Sorahiko Torino, also known by his hero name Gran Torino, is a retired Pro Hero, formerly a homeroom teacher at U.A. High School, and a mentor to Toshinori Yagi and Izuku Midoriya. Initially, Gran Torino appeared to be a senile old man who constantly forgot and asked Izuku Midoriya's name, often calling him "Toshinori". Even though he was the one who sent Izuku the internship offer, he would often fail to recall Izuku's name for more than a moment. In reality, this proves to be nothing more than a façade for messing with his newfound protégé. Gran Torino is actually a very intelligent man with an incredibly broad perception. He proved to be a far more capable teacher to Izuku in a mere week than All Might did in almost a year. He was able to read Izuku's progress and personality, just by watching him at the U.A. Sports Festival and indirectly taught him the first step to mastering One For All with a simple parallel between Izuku and his favorite dessert (taiyaki). His sharp mind is also evidenced when he was able to accurately predict All For One's strategy based solely on the media covering the aftermath of Hero Killer: Stain. Jet: Sorahiko's Quirk allows him to shoot air from the holes on the soles of his feet. This gives him incredible speed and the ability to fly short distances. The air used for propulsion comes from Sorahiko's breath.

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