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Soren is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. The staff officer and strategist of the Greil Mercenaries, he is also a close friend of Ike and harbors undying loyalty to him. Soren prefers to be alone rather than with the rest of the company. He tends to come off as rude or cold to nearly everyone he interacts with. As a result, he appears to be high-strung, though Titania thinks that this is because Soren is "a very empathetic young man." However, after the Mad King’s War, his outlook started to change ever so slightly, and he would be seen talking to others such as Titania and Ranulf as well. Behaving with logic and thinking from a cynical viewpoint due to his difficult childhood, he puts the feelings or circumstances of others aside if it benefits the mercenaries, often suggesting not to help others if it hinders their cause unless they can gain something from it. Although he is criticized for this, his tactics are still regarded as impeccable by many, including Ike, who views him as "essential" to the company. Soren's tactics also earned him the attention of Skrimir, who never even thought about tactics prior to their meeting. In the beginning of Path of Radiance, Soren displays a rather obvious dislike for laguz. However, with Ike's assurance, he is able to hold it back. His resentment towards laguz is also present during Radiant Dawn, albeit not as strongly as it is in Path of Radiance. Soren also seems to dislike being interrupted, as seen when he is explaining his battle plans to Skrimir. This is also shown when he receives the Hammerne staff from Aimee. The lone exception to his brusque behavior is reserved for Ike, as he states that he is his only friend. While most people can barely hold onto a conversation with him, Soren is completely open to Ike and will maintain conversations with him. Ike seems to have great insight into Soren's personality, calling him a "softie" who tries to put on a strong face in one of their conversations in Path of Radiance. He is defensive against anyone who would harm or take advantage of Ike such as in base conversation between Ike and Aimee in Radiant Dawn. While he shows very little interest of anyone else, he can be easily swayed by leveraging knowledge or information that can benefit Ike. His extreme loyalty to Ike can be compared to the devotion that Almedha harbors towards her false son, Pelleas. Throughout the game, Soren is regarded as "the boy always at Ike's side" by other characters. In Fire Emblem Heroes, Soren repeatedly insists that he and Kiran are not friends, even though he seeks the Summoner out to discuss strategy. Soren admits to being intrigued by Kiran’s virtually all-seeing tactics, referencing the player’s overhead view of the game's maps. In this respect, Soren concedes that meeting Kiran has proven to be a valuable opportunity for self-improvement. He also admits to being curious about Kiran as a leader, and their ability to gain others’ trust and affection. When directly asked why he does not leave the Order of Heroes, Soren stutters and claims that he is only there to learn secrets and new strategies. He acknowledges Kiran as a "close acquaintance".

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