Space Ishtar

Space Ishtar
Original Name
Romaji Name
Supēsu Ishutaru
Place of Origin
Servant Universe
Date of Birth
154.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 4303
Like # 3781
Trash # 12141

Space Ishtar, Class Name Avenger, is an Avenger-class Servant Universe Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. Although Space Ishtar is 24 years old, she actually looks younger than her regular counterpart. This is because servants stop aging when they are in the prime of their lives. In her case, fourteen, the age at which she left her home. Space Ishtar is the "tomboy" aspect of Ishtar Ashtart. An outlaw, but a heroine of justice nevertheless. She's in a weird position where she plays with villainous tactics, but what she does is for the people. Her alignment is Evil because she perceives herself as a threat to humanity, but that doesn't mean she's wicked or evil. Her personality is pretty much the same as the Pan-Human Ishtar, except she would never thoughtlessly toy with others. She triumphantly acknowledges a person's good deeds as righteous, and rejoices inside. And the person's bad deeds are acknowledged as terrible, and met with hostile glares and unreserved insults. (And if the person in question is a scoundrel, she will mercilessly exploit their property, life and fate.) S.Ishtar has the same foolhardy personality as Ishtar and despises the human society's harshness and shallowness, but despite all this, she is relatively concerned about the people's lifestyles, and takes virtuous humans relatively seriously to heart, leading her to ultimately prioritizing everyone's victory over her own reward... a trend very unbecoming of an Ishtar. Take the Summer Race situation for example. Ishtar tried to sacrifice those around her to revive Gugalanna in order to restore her rights, but if it were S.Ishtar, she would realize her mistake at the last minute, destroy Gugalanna by her own hand and distribute its resources among the participants. "I'm going bonkers thinking about how much of a missed opportunity this was, but I just felt like this was the right thing to do! Y'know, I can't lie to myself, can I?" As you can see, she's basically Ishtar, but she'll never stay an enemy of humanity in the late game. Her attitude towards her master, Ritsuka Fujimaru is one of curiosity, interest, and fondness. She assumes all humans are weak, however, their ability to understand and learn about Servants piques her interest. While she does not respect her master, they are still very important to her. Despite the differences in their universes and her own self-deception, she cannot help but develop feelings for them.

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