Spider Demon (Daughter)

Spider Demon (Daughter)
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The Spider Demon (Daughter) was a supporting antagonist in the Mount Natagumo Arc of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. She was a member of the Spider Family. Daughter's physical features are very similar to that of her "younger brother," Rui. She has the looks of a girl in her early teens with a pale, milky-white skin complexion, snow white hair, and pure white eyes with only her silvery pupils separating them from her sclera. She also possesses several red, dot-like patterns on her face similar to her "family". Daughter's clothing consisted of a long white kimono and a hexagon-patterned juban underneath. She wore ribbons in her hair that were decorated with a large blue bead, and unlike her other "family members", who were barefoot, she wore black slippers. Daughter's original appearance as a demon was completely different than her current, having morphed and changed her features due to being forced by Rui as a condition to be accepted into his family. Her original appearance was that of a teen demon with black hair, slitted cat-like eyes and pale grayish skin. Daughter is shown to be the most cautious within her "family," having instead opted to observe and stand back rather than jump right into the battle against Demon Slayers. She is also shown to be very cowardly, both with battling against the Demon Slayer Corps and dealing with her family's internal conflict. When her "mother" was being violently abused and reprimanded by Rui and her "father," she stood back and gave her the same severe glare due to her weakness instead of helping her. She again shows her cowardice by trying to convince Rui to run instead to fight after most of their family was defeated, which enrages him and leads him to wound her. In truth, Daughter loathes and hates her "family" and began to think that she would have likely done better on her own. She believes that the rest of her family are fools for playing along with Rui, despite him not having any real emotional attachment or care for any of them, though she seems aware that not going along with Rui's desire's is dangerous. Whatever the case, Daughter did make a point of staying in Rui's good books, even going so far as to deliberately set up another 'Sister' of the Spider Family. She even went as far as attempting to use sympathy and pity on Shinobu Kocho, knowing that she was a Demon Slayer, by pleading that she was forced into her situation by Rui. However, this contradicts her actions as she went through various lengths to stay with him and his family, revealing that she only does what is convenient for her own survival, and took clear enjoyment out of killing humans.

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