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Subaru Mimasaka is a 92nd Tōtsuki Generation student and was the main antagonist of the Tōtsuki Autumn Election Arc. He is currently a supporting character for the remainder of the series. Subaru initially comes off as an intimidating, punk-ish man due in part from his physical appearance. However, Subaru appears to be honorable and friendly, showing no animosity to Sōma Yukihira despite his infamy in the academy. Behind the mask of honor however, Subaru revels in breaking the spirits of his opponents, usually by mimicking their cooking styles and habits. He spends days and even weeks learning about his next target, finding any reason to provoke them into a duel with him. To cement his superiority, Subaru improves their dishes until they were undeniably tastier. For all of his Shokugeki victories, he always claimed his opponent's most treasured knife and even laughed maniacally when he took one that was a memento from his opponent's deceased mother. Because Subaru is perceptive enough to learn all of his opponent's habits in a short amount of time, he held a 99 consecutive Shokugeki win streak.

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