Suletta Mercury

Suletta Mercury
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Suretta Mākyurī
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Suletta Mercury, is the main protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam the Witch from Mercury. She is a second-year student at the Asticassia School of Technology's piloting department, who transferred to the school from Mercury. She is the pilot of the Gundam Aerial developed on Mercury. Suletta is very timid and lacks communication skills, which can make her seem immature and unassertive for a girl her age. When talking to unfamiliar people, she has a habit of stuttering her words and cowering in tenser moments. She also tends to make louder physical and verbal reactions in situations, especially so when she is surprised or shocked. Suletta always tries to carry a positive and excited demeanor in her daily life and interactions with others. When feeling overwhelmed, she is very hard on herself and feels scared of facing her challenges. Despite feeling awkward in social situations, Suletta remains very close to her friends and is very willing to meet and learn about new people. When noticing her friends struggling, she is quick to come to their aid and comfort them. She tries to mediate conflict and disagreements when she can, and she is not afraid to challenge bullies. Suletta is very dependent on the trust and approval of others to help herself feel validated. She is very apologetic to her friends when she thinks something is wrong, and she often looks for chances to make herself useful. One of her biggest goals is founding a school on Mercury to help others and bring more younger people to the planet, which she sees as a duty to help the struggling people she grew up around. However, her willingness to serve and trust others can leave her vulnerable to people with manipulative intentions, and she often fails to realize peoples' ulterior motives. Suletta has a deep love for her mother and is reliant on her to get through her greatest challenges. She often calls her to discuss her personal issues and ask for her guidance, viewing her as a "magician" that helps move her along. However, she also pushes herself closer to her mother and away from others when her doubts escalate, and she is so reliant on her that she is willing to discard her own dreams and ideas, even if it means going against her closest friends. She is also very closely connected with the Aerial, which she views like a close sibling. She feels much calmer when piloting the Aerial, and she often talks directly to it while piloting and in her downtime. To cope with her struggles, Suletta hews closely to her mother's motto "If you move forward you gain two, if you run you gain one", which compels her to act more assertive and keep pushing through her challenges, even if she has immense doubts while doing so. Because of this, Suletta acts more decisive and collected in emergency situations, especially if it involves piloting the Aerial or rescuing others from physical harm. She often offers her mother's motto to other people when she thinks she can help them with their problems. While she can act decisive in combat situations, Suletta also lacks awareness of the stakes of violence and death. In mobile suit duels, she often uses her GUND-bits to make brutal and near-lethal attacks on the other suits, which disturbs both her opponents and her friends. She is willing to fight and even kill if it means protecting the ones she loves, but she often remains visibly disconnected from the violence she causes and often tries to repress her fears about it, and her nonchalance can unsettle those closest to her.

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