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Sully is a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening. Sully is a tomboy. She possesses a personality that is characterized by a spirited zealousness, brimming with self-confidence and passion - a fact that has caused her to be regarded as being cooler than most men, earning her the admiration of many a woman in Ylisse. Such a fact is concretized in her supports with Miriel, who notes that her language is rather brusque and vulgar, alongside her general character being one that is aggressive, traits that are stereotypically instituted as hallmarks of masculinity. Despite her initial display of apathy towards her femininity, Sully does, in actuality, fret over her appearance and personality. This may be gleaned from her supports with Miriel, where she reveals an insecurity over her inability to fit into the mold of demureness that a typical lady is expected to conform to. After partaking in a series of observations on Sully's social etiquette and conducting an elaborately analogous experiment involving kindling water, Miriel comes to the conclusion that Sully should, instead of vainly attempting to change her behavior in order to befit social standards that are nigh impossible for her to attain, remain true to herself, and be contented just the way she is. In Harvest Scramble if you put up a conversation with her and Miriel, it is revealed that another reason on her "masculine" attitude is because she had two older brothers who were in the Ylissean knights. She admits to Miriel that’s she also spoke that way to honor their memory by being the 'toughest roughest knight' after her brothers got killed protecting a village. Sully has also proven to be obstinate, headstrong and independent, as is the case during her supports with Vaike, where she reveals that in spite of her being able to leech off her family's reputable standing in society to assail through the ranks in the knightly order, she refuses to do any such thing, preferring to earn the right to attain glory and recognition through sheer determination and grit on her part. Given this fact, it thus comes as hardly any surprise that Sully's ultimate dream is to become a great knight, one that is formidable to even the hardiest of men. In her pursuit to prove her worth as a knight, Sully has thus neglected honing such domestic skills like cooking and washing clothes. This fact is further compounded by her aversion towards engaging in such activities, as can be gleaned from her casual, dismissive assertion of such a hatred in her supports with Chrom. In fact, Sully is the worst chef in the army, a trait that she has, sadly enough, passed down to her immediate daughter. In her Summer Scramble conversation with Nowi, it is revealed that she cannot swim.

muscular female tomboy fair skin medium breasts playable playable character red eyes red hair soldier spiky hair
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