Sumihiko Kamado Husbando

Sumihiko Kamado
Original Name
竈門 炭彦
Romaji Name
Kamado Sumihiko
Place of Origin
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Popularity # 20468
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Trash # 17910

Sumihiko Kamado is a teenage student living in the 21st century. He is the great-great-grandson of Tanjiro Kamado and Kanao Tsuyuri. Sumihiko is a young man with short, ruffled black hair with burgundy tips, that he wears combed back, a few stray tufts falling down over his forehead. He has wide, dark red eyes with white pupils that appear lighter around the lower section of his irises. Overall, his appearance bears a strong resemblance to that of his ancestor Tanjiro Kamado. Sumihiko wears his high school's uniform, consisting of a pale blue dress shirt with a sleeveless, white v-neck cardigan worn over the top, and plain black pants. He wears a black necktie around his neck, as well as a pair of dark brown dress shoes. Sumihiko takes after Tanjiro in terms of personality as well as appearance, as he too is kind and cheerful by nature, smiling and talking happily to his friend Tojuro as they run together. He also appears to be rather sleepy, not waking up when Kanata tried to get him up for school and implying he's slept in and been late numerous times, as well as being shown to be yawning on the cover page. He appears to be rather athletic, countering his brother's noted skill in more academic subjects, as he was seen jumping down and off tall buildings and swinging himself from stairwells and railings on his run to school. Despite being somewhat clumsy, Sumihiko has respect for others, as, when he runs past a pair of older men who resemble Sakonji Urokodaki and Jigoro Kuwajima playing shogi and a group of young girls who look like Naho Takada, Sumi Nakahara and Kiyo Terauchi, he turns back with an apologetic expression and says he's sorry for any disruption he's caused.

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