Amane Suou

Amane Suou
Original Name
周防 天音
Romaji Name
Suō Amane
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
March 3rd
169.00 cm
Blood Type
91.00 cm
59.00 cm
88.00 cm
Submitted By
Popularity # 691
Like # 622
Trash # 1843

Amane Suou is a third-year student at Mihama Academy who is the Onee-san type and always takes care of others. Amane is a curvy, attractive girl of slightly above average height with knee-length reddish hair that is tied in a teardrop by two white ribbons on either side and blue eyes. When not wearing the school uniform she opts for bare-minimum coverage in clothing in an effort to further accentuate her figure, most notably her large F cup chest. Her casual outfit consists of a sleeveless blouse that exposes much of her upper body and black pants with a white belt and sandals. She is described as having a generally upbeat expression, being either a smile in general or a sultry grin with occasional interludes of almost-motherly concern, specifically for Makina Irisu. During the events of Grisaia no Rakuen, she starts wearing a black asymmetrical-sleeved shirt and white shorts. Six years before she met Yuuji Kazami (around 2005), Amane wore her hair in two braids hanging in front of her, as well as twintails coming out the sides of her head. She was much shorter at the time, had a less developed bust, and wore large-framed glasses. Amane is known by her classmates, especially Makina Irisu, as a pervert (though it is partly due to the way she is interacting with Yuuji Kazami). She is constantly making dirty jokes around Yuuji and is always trying to seduce him. Her perverted antics are often emulated by Makina as well. Because her parents are born in Kyoto, she sometimes speaks with a Kansai dialect when flustered. She has an older sister personality to most except for Makina whom she treats like a daughter. Her older sister persona is often very reliable; being the voice of reason in conflicts involving any of the Mihama residents. Amane suffers from a strong case of survivor guilt; believing that she left her middle school team, especially Kazuki Kazami, to die in the forest. Because of the media altering some elements of the accident (after evidence of cannibalism is found), Amane got the full brunt of the questioning and accusations; worsening her situation. Her strong sense of guilt for Kazuki's death is her main motivation in acting like a big sister towards Yuuji; even feigning her affections as "love at first sight."

bangs blue eyes fair skin high school student large breasts long hair red hair school uniform student teen thin eyebrows
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