Susugu Mitarai Husbando

Susugu Mitarai
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
December 18th
176.00 cm
Blood Type
Popularity # 11422
Like # 16230
Trash # 4428

Susugu Mitarai, also known as Laundry Hero: Wash, is the No. 8 Pro Hero. Susugu's hero costume resembles a washing machine with arms and legs protruding from his shell, and has two strained eyes popping out of the lid atop his head. His arms are covered by thick grey hoses with yellow rubber gloves with green grips on the ends. His lower half wears a pair of waterproof pants with a belt. He also wears large boots with a subtle wave pattern around the mouth, and circles on the outsoles where he can release bubbles from. Susugu generally shows himself in a child-friendly manner. Despite this, Susugu takes his job very seriously and is not above being irritated, as shown when he chose to disinfect the wounds of angry civilians even after being criticized for arriving late, going so far to break character and talk normally while doing so.

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