Suyako Kamado

Suyako Kamado
Original Name
竈門 珠彌子
Romaji Name
Kamado Suyako
Place of Origin
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Suyako Kamado was Sumiyoshi Kamado's wife and an ancestor to the Kamado Family. Suyako was a petite young woman with long black hair, which appeared to curve in or be tied together below her shoulders, with two ear-length strands handing down on either side of her face. She had wide, black to pale pink eyes (sapphire in the anime) and, appeared always to wear a large smile. Her attire consisted of a plain, pale purple-colored (pink in the anime) kimono and a piece of white cloth that she wore tied around the top of her head. As seen by Tanjiro Kamado during his flashbacks, Suyako is a happy, hardworking woman who was always doing the best she could for her children. Upon seeing Yoriichi unexpectedly weeping as he hugged Sumire, her caring nature came forward and she told the swordsman she would feed him to cheer him up. Suyako's cheerful nature is also present when she would ask Yoriichi to perform his Sun Breathing forms, causing her to be delighted and fascinated by them.

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