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Suzumebachi (雀蜂) is the manifested spirit of Suì-Fēng's Zanpakutō. Suzumebachi's manifested spirit takes the form of a small, pink-eyed young woman with long brown hair tied into two long pigtails at the back. She has a collar of white fur around her neck, wears puffy shorts and leggings with alternating yellow-black stripes on them, and wears black shoes. She has a small yellow-black plate covering each breast, and has short, puffy, yellow-black striped sleeves covering each shoulder. Her entire right arm is covered by a segmented, yellow-black stinger longer than her own body. Suzumebachi emits a faint yellow glow at all times. While under the influence of Muramasa's brainwashing, Suzumebachi is not fond of impatience, calling it an "unattractive" quality. She claims to have chosen her appearance upon being manifested in order to create her own fashion statement. She is somewhat cautious in battle, criticizing Wabisuke for attacking Kenpachi Zaraki in a careless manner. She believes the smaller combatant in a fight always has the advantage when facing someone of equal speed. In battle, she frequently giggles while dodging an opponent's attacks. Suzumebachi is very critical of Suì-Fēng: she finds her style of clothing and appearance to be "lame", and criticizes Suì-Fēng for worshiping Yoruichi Shihōin instead of paying attention to herself and finding a real man. However, she is willing to compliment Suì-Fēng when she impresses Suzumebachi, such as when Suì-Fēng managed to dodge her surprise attack and later sacrificed her arm when she could not dodge another strike. Suzumebachi claims Yoruichi is holding Suì-Fēng back and clouding her judgment, and that she is the real problem in Suì-Fēng's life. After being freed from Muramasa's brainwashing, Suzumebachi is much more friendly, happily greeting Haineko upon meeting her in a corridor. However, she has her own sense of humor, teasing Hyōrinmaru about being sentimental upon finding him staring at the moon.

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