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Sweet Pea is a member of the Kuja tribe living on the island Amazon Lily.[1] During the timeskip, she became a member of the Kuja Pirates. Sweet Pea is a very large, corpulent Kuja warrior with a masculine-like build. She wears the traditional skimpy wear of the Kuja warriors, and also carries a snake weapon with her. She wears a coat around her shoulders, like Marine Officers, and has a very square, thick chin. She also wears her hair in pigtails. Sweet Pea is mostly distinguished by her strange attribute of making quotes and adding saga/volume to the end of her sentences, such as saying, "a race against time" when they found out that Luffy did not have much time before the mushrooms enveloped him. She seems to follow orders without trouble, as she would listen to Marguerite's orders without fail. She helped pick off the mushrooms covering Luffy and burn them all off. She was as surprised as the others were when she found out that Luffy was male. She seems to respect Boa Hancock as any other Kuja would, due to the fact that she got on her knees and bowed to her. She also seems to be honorable, as she said it was her fault that Luffy was alive, as she helped get the mushrooms off and initially saved him from dying.

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