Sword Maiden

Sword Maiden
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Tsurugi no Otome
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Sword Maiden, formerly known as Female Bishop, is a former gold-ranked adventurer who currently serves as the Temple of Law's Archbishop of the Supreme God. Sword Maiden is a beautiful woman with wavy ankle-length blonde hair that is braided back by a black bow with bangs hanging over her forehead (mostly hanging on the right side) and chest-length hair strands which hang on either side, pale blue eyes that are often covered by a black blindfold, full pink lips and a voluptuous body. She wears white robes with blue outlines and a golden decoration around her hip. Her body is covered in several faint white lines that have all mostly healed by the time the events of the story takes place. However, her eyes have healed to a lesser extent. Sword Maiden is a calm and compassionate woman who doesn't normally get upset with others. However, this masks the depression and anxiety beneath her exterior, as the trauma that was born from her experience as a captive of goblins follows her to this day. Her fear of goblins is so overwhelming that the simple mention of them makes the young woman tremble. While Sword Maiden tries to beg for help, nobody has ever taken her pleas seriously as they believe a former Gold-ranked adventurer could and should not fear the Lowliest of Monsters. As a result, she became unable to deal with the goblins terrorizing the sewers under her own city which made her resort to hiring adventurers. When it is revealed the Princess was taken to the Dungeon of the Dead by goblins, the King's court immediately suggested that Sword Maiden goes to rescue her while not taking into consideration her horrible past, an act that almost breaks the former adventurer. It was only thanks to meeting Goblin Slayer that it has lessened. Sword Maiden demonstrates a capability for being quite childish. Before the festival, she was seen kicking and turning in her bed when told to get up, wanting to go to the festival rather than her Archbishop duties. She perked up when Goblin Slayer was mentioned, but fell right back down when her duties were brought up again.

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