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Sylvia Silkcut (シルヴィア・シルクカット) is a transfer student who hails from a noble family from Great Britain and currently a student in Ataraxia. After the arrival of Kizuna, Sylvia becomes his subordinate. She is currently a member of Amaterasu and is the youngest from them. __Appearance__ Sylvia Silkcut is a beautiful young girl with purple eyes and short bob-cut blonde hair with a hairpin in it. She usually wears her school uniform. She has a petite body and is considered very cute by everyone. Other female members of Amaterasu often tempt her. __Personality__ Sylvia is a very cheerful girl. She obeys Kizuna's orders without question as he is her Captain. She is also very polite with everyone, especially Kizuna, and looks up to him very much. Sylvia also always ends her sentences with -desu. She wants to become a full-fledged knight and return to Britain. She desires to be recognized by the queen and to restore the Silkcut house. After that, she wants to continue living with her family. Befitting her age and appearance, Sylvia is noticeably very pure and innocent, something her teammates find very cute.

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