Syr Flova

Syr Flova
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Syr Flova is a waitress at the Hostess of Fertility, and the alternate persona of the goddess Freya. On the surface, Syr appears to be a human girl. She has bluish gray hair that she keeps tied with a small knot in a ponytail style. Her eyes are the same color as her hair and she has a light peachy colored smooth skin. She wears a white blouse and a leaf-colored knee-length long skirt. She also wears a slightly long half apron around her waist. She wears a pair of brown boots over black stockings. Syr is a persona created by Freya as part of a "game" where the Gods would erase their godly presence and live amongst humans. In this form, Syr shows a cheerful and kind demeanour, normally lightly mischievous, and at times, scary. She enjoys teasing Bell and others close to her, but is weak to getting teased herself, which usually ends up with her blushing beet red. She is kind, but tends to take advantage of others, usually to raise her family business, or avoid getting in trouble. She is quite misleading; though usually presenting herself as a normal girl, she exhibits traits of a rather quite sharp person. Cunning by nature, she assisted Ryuu through her venture to rescue Anna Claes by using her influence to spread positive rumors about them to gain them access to the VIP room and later used a series of bluffs to win against several players in a game of poker. Likewise, she can also act highly refined, putting up an elegant facade in order to pass as an aristrocract. Syr has demonstrated to be more perceptive than she normally shows, having realized that her fellow waitresses were on the Spoon Aqua even when Bell failed to notice them at all. She is also coolheaded and quick thinking, not stressing herself at all during tense and chaotic situations, instead keeping a clear mind and collected atittude to allow her to swiftly device plans. As part of her kind side, Syr often helps anyone whenever she sees them in trouble, regardless of if they are total strangers. She offered to listen to the problems of a confused and troubled Alise, helping a distressed Anya, and saved Ryuu after she collapsed in an alley. She cares deeply for her loved ones, assisting them in any way possible when she knows they need help. However, in spite of her clear love for them, she is willing to exploit them to gain something in her favor, having tricked Bell and her co-workers into making them do her chores at the Hostess of Fertility more than once. Syr is extremely secretive about herself even with her close ones; her friends noted they didn't know much about her, not even where she lives. She finds annoying the overprotective attitude of the Freya Familia and expressed great joy upon escaping their surveillance during her date with Bell. Syr likes children and is good at taking care of them. She sometimes takes days off to care for the children at Maria's Orphanage in the Daedalus Street. Freya initially used the identity of Syr just as a disguise, a mere game of roleplay like the ones she played in Heaven. Over time, however, her attitude and feelings became more and more genuine, to the point Syr became "Freya without makeup", a reflection of her real self. As such, Syr presented Freya's vulnerable side and she came to take a greater liking for her life as a mere normal city girl than as a Goddess. Nonetheless, following Bell's rejection Freya found herself heartbroken and therefore decided to drop her Syr identity. Freya refused to acknowledge Syr as part of her true self and repeatedly stated her acts under said disguise were just a part of her game. She did, however, still show her appreciation for her friends as she worried about them and expressed a desire to keep her bond with Ryuu. After her loss in the Great Faction War, she was convinced by the waitresses of the Hostess of Fertility to stay with them, embracing her Syr side rather than rejecting it.

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