Syrus Truesdale Husbando

Syrus Truesdale
Original Name
Romaji Name
Appears In
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
137.00 cm
Blood Type
Popularity # 19745
Like # 25303
Trash # 8597

Syrus Truesdale, known in Japan as Sho Marufuji is a Slifer Red student as well as Jaden's best friend. A decent Duelist, although hindered by a great deal of self-doubt, though this mainly stems from his brother treatment of him, Syrus' journey towards strengthening himself provides sharp contrast to the protagonist Jaden's active determination. Syrus is a insecure and unconfident Duelist. However, he not only grows into becoming a better Duelist, but a more brave and confident person.He is a very loyal friend, often thinking of Jaden as a second big brother figure. His usual outfit consists of the standard Duel Academy With his red uniform, a yellow shirt is worn underneath the jacket.His blue hair is sectioned in three layers, his grey eyes positioned between the three bangs closest to his face and behind a pair of round-lensed glasses. He carries an Academy-issued Duel Disk on his left hand. Source:

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