Tae Hanazono

Tae Hanazono
Original Name
花園 たえ
Romaji Name
Hanazono Tae
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
December 4th 2001
164.00 cm
Blood Type
Popularity # 2386
Like # 2233
Trash # 3504

Hanazono Tae is a second-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School and the lead guitarist of Poppin'Party. The other members call her O-Tae. She is a huge lover of music and used to work part-time at SPACE before it shut down after the final live, which Poppin'Party also played in. Tae has gentle green eyes and straight, waist-length, dark brown hair. She has choppy bangs with a section of hair that reaches her navel and covers her right ear. Her casual attire is mature with feminine accents like sheer fabric and gems. During winter Tae wears a pink fluffy sweater which shows her shoulders off and blue jeans. She also has a black choker around her neck. During summer, she wears a mint green T-shirt with flowers on top, high waist loose white pants with a belt, and a thin black necklace. A relaxed individual who lives at her own pace, Tae sometimes surprises the people around her with her keen observations and understanding of music. She carries a sense of knowing in her discussions with others, while always keeping an optimistic outlook on a situation. However, she is also slightly airheaded like her mother, and tends to make or say weird remarks befitting to the situation at hand. Tae loves both rabbits and hamburg steaks and is constantly thinking about them, sometimes to the point of daydreaming and losing focus during a conversation. She loves rabbits so much to the point where she started doing imitations of her rabbits during the New Year party's talent show. In addition to this, Tae has compared other people, such as Rimi and Arisa to rabbits (Rimi because of her overall nature, and Arisa because her twin tails remind Tae of a rabbit's ears). She affectionately refers to one of her rabbits, Odd-Eye (nicknamed Occhan in Japanese and Oddie in the localized version), as her boyfriend.

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