Taion Husbando

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Taion is a playable character in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Taion is a soldier from Agnus along with Mio and Sena. He was taken under Isurd's wing and was trained up as a tactician in Colony Lambda, an army of the nation of Agnus. Isurd now greets his former ally as an enemy. He is a Tactician who can analyze the terrain using the communication function projected in his eyes, granting a great help in finding the way to the "land where the great sword stands", Swordsmarch. He is a tactician of surpassing skill who supports his allies. Taion works alongside Mio and Sena, who trust his high level of insight and tactical judgment. On one hand, he has a cheeky personality, but on the other, he is sometimes too cautious, getting easily annoyed and impatient when he does not understand something. His initial Class is Healer Tactician. Taion specializes in supporting his allies by reducing damage with moves that make evasion for his companions easier. He also masters tricks to lure enemies like putting them to sleep. He uses a mysterious paper-like weapon known as "Katashiro", to which he has taken a liking, and calls them "Mondo". They seem to be controlled using the gauntlet on his left hand. He can Interlink with Eunie into a giant form called Ouroboros. Taion's Chain Art is Art of Subjugation.

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