Takemichi Hanagaki Husbando

Takemichi Hanagaki
Original Name
Romaji Name
Hanagaki Takemichi
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
June 25th 1991
165.00 cm
55.00 kg
Blood Type
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Popularity # 6460
Like # 7867
Trash # 2994

Takemichi Hanagaki, or Takemitchy, is the protagonist of the Tokyo Revengers manga series as well as its anime adaptation. After learning about the deaths of the Tachibana siblings, one of which was his ex-girlfriend Hinata Tachibana, Takemichi time-leaps exactly twelve years back in time. Through his time-leaping ability, he learns about the infamous Tokyo Manji Gang, a middle school biker gang in the past that is responsible for Hina’s death in the present. After unintentionally rescuing Hina’s brother Naoto from the incident, Takemichi becomes determined to work with him to save Hina from an unfavorable future. During his time leaps, Takemichi uncovers the Tokyo Manji Gang's history and how it was shaped into becoming a criminal organization in the present. Takemichi becomes a member of the gang and soon, the First Division Captain.. His involvement in Toman would later serve as a way for him to become the leader of the 11th Generation Black Dragon in 2006. Two years later, he becomes the leader of the Second Generation Tokyo Manji Gang. In his final time leap, he becomes the Acting President of Toman. Takemichi stands at an average height with a light complexion. He has bleached yellow hair kept in a faux hawk but sometimes has it down in a tousled style. He bears blue or gray eyes in the anime and green or brown in the manga. He has a scar on his left hand from a stab wound and another scar on his left foot from a bullet wound, although it is never shown.[9] He usually wears either his high school uniform consisting of a white button-up and light gray pants, or his gang attire comprising of a black tokkō-fuku with the Toman logo and manifesto woven on the sides and Keisuke Baji's white sash. He also wears a matching clover necklace with Hina.[10] In the final time leap, Takemichi always keeps his hair tousled. In 2005, Takemichi wore the Mizo Middle School uniform, which consisted of a dress shirt, black slacks, and loafers. As an adult, Takemichi has tousled wavy black hair. He wears plain casual clothes, and sometimes his work uniform from CD DVD Rental Store. In an alternate timeline, Takemichi has slicked back black hair. He wears a striped suit. Takemichi was an individual who has lost his sense of direction. Thus, he had low self-esteem, always apologizing for even the smallest things and easily crying. As noted by those around him and even himself, all he is good for is apologizing. He also holds a grudge towards wealthy people because he himself is not very financially stable. However, going back in time again and again gradually molds Takemichi into a completely different person. Slowly, he turns from a coward into a man with unshakable conviction. Even facing insurmountable odds, he refuses to back down. He becomes the one who holds Toman together through their hardships and turns into its unofficial leader, guiding even Mikey and Draken onto the right paths. During even Toman's lowest points, it is Takemichi's unyielding spirit that pushes on his fellow companions. Takemichi is completely loyal to those he considers his friends and fiercely protective of them. He is willing to risk his very life to ensure that they are safe and sound. This loyalty spurs his determination to create a better future for the ones he cares about. This is shown through his countless leaps back in time to change the gruesome outcome of his loved ones. In a fight, Takemichi has never backed down. He is more willing to be beaten within an inch of his life than to admit defeat. This has become a huge source of inspiration for Toman's members and has proven instrumental even against all odds. Takemichi is noted to be very similar in personality to Shinichiro Sano, with Draken pointing out both are "weak to women, weak at fights, but reliable". Due to being an adult, Takemichi tends to address others more politely. Takemichi has horrible hygiene and habits. He neglects cleaning his room and has become accustomed to its disgusting state.

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