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Takeo Kamado
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Takeo Kamado was Tanjiro Kamado's first younger brother. He was killed by Muzan Kibutsuji. Takeo had short, spiky black hair similar to his older brother Tanjiro and his father. Like the rest of his siblings, Takeo had a light pale complexion that contrasted with his dark red eyes, which also had white pupils. He was significantly similar in appearance to Tanjiro, except he had a beauty mark beneath his right eye, just like his mother, and lacked the scar on the top of his forehead. Takeo wore a cloud-gray iromuji-kimono with a sea-green haori on top of it, along with a pair of tobi pants and boots. He also sported a turquoise and black patterned scarf. Takeo had an even more severe expression than his siblings, but Takeo cared about his family very much, showing visible dismay at the prospect of Tanjiro suddenly leaving for the town. As shown from his views regarding his older brother and sister, Takeo was very caring and loving brother to his siblings and expressed deep concern for his older siblings compassion and tendency to put others first before themselves, worrying that they may end up sacrificing something vital to themselves due to their excessive compassion and selflessness.

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