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Tania is a red dragon, a member of Dragon Tribe, is travelling the world challenging other fighters until she is defeated by Rein and Kanade. Upon befriending them, she decides to join the party, making her his second contractual. She's one of the main heroines of Beast Tamer series. In her human form, Tania has red hair with red-orange eyes tinting of flaming orange tips. She wears a white dress with detached star sleeves, a long red skirt with some star shapes on it, thighhighs with star shaped at the ends. She still retains her horns and tail which always stands her out. Anyone who notices usually chalks it up to a form of cosplay. While her true form is of a big dragon with magnificent wings. Tania is a person who is filled with borne thrillers and amusement. She is shown to love battles and when the given battle corners her, it makes her even more excited which also pumps her with a full throttle of happiness. Though she is arrogant about her abilities, she never underestimates her opponents and shows tremendous tactics.

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