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Tanya first appears in Chapter 1, where she, along with Dagdar and Marty, takes up arms to assist Eyvel in quelling Raydrik's invasion of Fiana. Tanya, along with the rest of the Fiana Freeblades, is later separated from Leif and Eyvel in Chapter 3, as the prince is captured by Raydrik. After Leif is reunited with the Fiana Freeblades, he storms Dagdar's mansion in Chapter 8x, where he finds Tanya and Dagdar overwhelmed by the bandits under the treacherous Gomes' command. Tanya is reunited with Osian in this chapter, where, despite getting angry over his insensitive way of expressing concern for her, cries in his arms. Tanya then goes on to continue supporting Leif in his cause to liberate Northern Thracia from the Grannvale Empire. She will move to Fiana thereafter, where she gets married and is blessed with many children. Although her husband is not named, it is heavily implied that he is Osian due to the similarity of their endings. Having grown up among bandits all her life, Tanya is tomboyish by nature, both in dress and in speech. She is also known to have a short temper, as can be seen when she gets easily incensed when Osian tactlessly calls her a 'kid' in Chapter 1 and an 'idiot' in Chapter 8x. Despite Osian's crudeness, it is clear that Tanya has strong feelings for him. While she gets angry with him for calling her an 'idiot' in Chapter 8x, this stems from her being hurt by his careless disregard of her feelings. She makes this obvious by calling him out for it, telling him that he could stand to be "a little... kinder".

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