Tatami Nakagame

Tatami Nakagame
Original Name
Romaji Name
Nakagame Tatami
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
January 23rd
155.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 3070
Like # 3292
Trash # 2160

Tatami Nakagame, also known as Turtle Neck, is a third-year student at Ketsubutsu Academy High School training to become a Pro Hero. Tatami is a pale, curvaceous girl of a reasonably muscular build with large, pointed teeth, their shape similar to that of Eijiro Kirishima's, that are usually worn in a smile. She has wide, rectangular eyes with thick upper eyelashes and pronounced lower ones, their irises notably small, blue in color. Her hair is short, ash blonde and is styled with two longer clumps spiking outwards on either side of her head which somewhat resemble the fins of a fish and a single, chin-length bang on her right. Further contributing to Tatami's aquatic motif are her two earrings, which are turquoise and shaped like fish. They hang vertically from each ear, so that the tails point down. Her hero costume consists of an aquamarine turtleneck bodysuit with a zipper going down the middle, the sleeves cut off halfway down her upper arm. She wears salmon pink gloves, with three small hexagons decorating the cuffs which resemble turtle feet as a reference to her Quirk, as well as matching boots that go up past her knees. Around her waist she sports a thin cyan belt, which is joined in the center by a circular pink buckle with a white turtle shell-shaped gem embedded into the middle. Tatami is a cheerful girl with a social personality. She follows Class 1-A and wasn't ashamed of asking her rival students for an autograph. Tatami appears to like her classmates and work together with them well. She can be fault-finding, however; a trait that is witnessed after Yo Shindo fails at persuading a group of civilians to evacuate to a safe area. Tatami follows him afterwards as he walks away, repeatedly telling him that his effort at persuading the civilians sucked. Additionally, or perhaps because of her fault-finding nature, Tatami is not afraid of calling out the personality quirks of her peers. This is demonstrated when she commented on Yo's sneakiness.

sharp teeth superpowers spiky hair blonde hair blue eyes cheerful earrings japanese medium breasts student superhero
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