Tatewaki Kuno Husbando

Tatewaki Kuno
Original Name
九能 帯刀
Romaji Name
Kunō Tatewaki
Appears In
Ranma 1/2
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
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Popularity # 24366
Like # 25583
Trash # 15036

Tatewaki is one of the taller characters and has short dark brown hair. Three years ago he was shaved bald by his father in the course of a fight, which he still resents. He normally wears a kendo uniform, known as a kendogi, in the form of a white uwagi (also blue in the anime), with medium colored hakama (also black in the anime), even while at school. Tatewaki comes from wealthy samurai stock, and speaks in flowery poetic text. No matter how many times Ranma defeats him, he continues to be supremely confident in his abilities, though he does sometimes acknowledge his defeats. He has a huge ego, which led Tatewaki to nickname himself "The Blue Thunder of Furinkan High," a moniker used by no one else. This is apparently not the first such nickname he has given himself, either, as when he first introduces himself, one of Nabiki's classmates notes that the last she knew, he was calling himself "Shooting Star".

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